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Heat Sink - Signed Paperback

Heat Sink - Signed Paperback

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Previously published in the Down and Dirty Blue Collar Heroes Anthology. Christian Harrington goes to work every day as a steamfitter at the local nuclear energy plant with some expectation of danger. When he meets fiery bartender Roxy McVee, he quickly realizes he may have met his match. Unfortunately, Christian is not the only person with his sights set on Roxy. Roxy McVee wants a fresh start. Slinging drinks and telling jokes at the local La Salle, Illinois, bar is a great way to go. Her decision is rewarded when serious but sexy-as-hell Christian Harrington walks into the bar with his friends after work. Roxy's drawn to him from the moment she sees him, and her immediate reaction makes her comfortable around him. The reason for Roxy's move proves that the saying that the things one resists persist is true. Roxy and Christian must navigate a potentially deadly landmine in the form of one very dangerous visitor from her past.

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