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Binding Blood - Signed Paperback

Binding Blood - Signed Paperback

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Lord Sindri of the light Fae and Raerdel Sullivan were married after falling into reluctant love on her part. Now, the dark court demands that Raerdel meet the next heir's duties. This new responsibility threatens to tear Raerdel and Sindri apart but could end in war should she refuse. When a shadow threatens all they have, they must work together. Raerdel must survive being tugged between dark and light magic and resist the seductive lure of dark magic when those she loves are in mortal danger. It will take Sindri and Raerdel's combined efforts to avoid an all-out war and possibly fight to the death for their future together. With some unexpected help, they will face the biggest threat the realm has ever encountered, and both Sin and Raerdel will learn more about themselves and each other than they ever expected.

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