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Collision Course - Signed Paperback

Collision Course - Signed Paperback

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Extended version of the original story in Rescued anthology for TNTNYC23.
When Collette Cottrell's picture-perfect life is torn apart in one night, she never imagined that the person she would turn to for help would be the handsome Romeo Gallo. With everything she thought she knew crumbling beneath her feet, Collette has no choice but to seek refuge in the unlikely stranger who can offer her safety. Responsibility has always been heavy on his shoulders for Romeo Gallo, but nothing could have prepared him for the sudden betrayal threatening to tear his world and family apart. He is drawn to the fiery and fiercely independent Collette as he tries to navigate the chaos and piece his life together. As their paths collide and they try to unravel the mystery that has left their lives in shambles, they discover they have more in common than they could have imagined. With greed and malice lurking around every corner, Collette and Romeo have to fight for their futures and each other. In this thrilling tale of betrayal, love, and redemption, Collette and Romeo must rely on their strength and determination to rebuild what was taken from them and protect those they hold dear. Will they be able to survive the turmoil and find their way back to happiness, or will the weight of the past prove too heavy to bear?

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